Basic Troubleshooting
  1. Restart your Device.
    A lot of issues are easily resolved by simply restarting your iPad. If you are having problems, try this first.

  2. Redownload and Reinstall the Application.
    If restarting doesn't help, you may want to try re-downloading the application and installing it again. If you want to remove the application from your device first, just be aware that removing an application will delete application data for good. Those data includes Radio Recordings and favourite radio list.
» I do not hear The Beatblaster's alarm

Make sure the sound of the iPad is turned up. Make sure the "do not disturb" mode is not on.

» Does The BeatBlaster support iTunes Match?

Yes... but some of the core features of The BeatBlaster will not work when listening to iTunes Match tracks. For instance, the EQ will not animate, also, the sound FX will not play. But the most frustrating thing is that we do not have the control over the track playback when it is an iTunes Match track. So if you go into background, we will tell you if we have the control or not. This way, you can get back to The BeatBlaster directly if you want to continue playing music with it.

» Is radio recording really legal?

Yes, The BeatBlaster is 100% legal and fully complies with all Copyright Laws. 

The BeatBlaster is all about turning your device into a Hi-Fi Sound System. Our product falls in the same category as VCR's, DVR's, Tape Recorders, CD Burners, MP3 players, and other popular devices.

That said, we also believe in fair use, and take Copyright Laws very seriously.

Our software is intended for your personal use only and we do not allow you to access directly and/or share the resulting recordings since redistributing copyrighted content is illegal.

At its core, Copyright Laws are very simple and firmly state "When recording or converting media, please do not redistribute it to other people."Similarly, our mission is very simple : we strive to produce the most performant radio recorder in a fair and legal way.

Also, we never access cracked or encrypted data and therefore our software complies with all Copyright Laws, including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act by only recording streaming media.

» Where is the Lyrics feature?

For some reasons, we had to remove Lyrics from the app. But don't worry, we added a lot of new features you will learn to love even more.

» What about iOS5 support?

If you didn't update your iPad with the latest version of iOS, here is another reason to do it: The BeatBlaster now uses a lot of cream and sugar only available on iOS6 so we had to drop iOS5 support.

» What about the original iPad (1) support?

Sorry about that but... seriously?

» I cannot see the artist information

When the artist information cannot be found, the message "bio not found" appears on the screen. This happens when you are not connected to the internet, when the information for the playing artist are not yet available or ( enlève ça :could also happens) if the song information has not been correctly encoded.

» The radio is not starting

First, verify your internet connection. If this problem persists, could you please send an email to support@beatblaster.com with the name of the radio that is not starting for further investigation.

» My iPod library is messed up

If you see a lot of your library items incorrectly sorted, this could mean your iPod library is not tagged correctly. Please verify the correctness of your library. Is the Artist Name correctly set? Is the Album name correct? ...

» The BeatBlaster Remote isn't working

The BeatBlaster Remote uses a Bluetooth connection between an iPad running The BeatBlaster and an iPod Touch or iPhone running the BeatBlaster Remote. Please verify that Bluetooth is enabled on both devices (SETTINGS-GENERAL-BLUETOOTH). And that The BeatBlaster is receiving Remote Control Events (open the Settings panel on the BeatBlaster iPad application).

» I cannot find my web radio

We currently don't allow custom web radio to be added in the BeatBlaster. If you cannot find your web radio, it means this radio is not yet in Radionomy's catalogue.

» I cannot access my remote library

The BeatBlaster cannot access your library if it is not stored on your iPad or on iTunes Match. This means you can't access your iTunes library via Home Sharing or other protocol. Also, The BeatBlaster does not support streaming from another source than Radionomy.

» I cannot see some tracks from my library

- BeatBlaster only access the tracks stored on your iPad via an iTunes Sync or iTunes Match
- The app does not support some files format like mp4 audio and m4v audio format files.
- If your tracks are DRM protected, the BeatBlaster will not be able to play them so they won't be visible in your library.

I you found a bug in The BeatBlaster. Please give us the steps to reproduce or any information that will help us to understand and fix the bug.


If you have a suggestion, do not hesitate to send us a mail. It could be a cool feature or a new skin you would like us to create.


We try to answer every mail as fast as we can but do not take it personally if we don't or if we take some times to do it.