The Player

It is the brain of the app, from where you can control everything. Switch from iPod to radio mode, record the radio, switch to the tape mode, adapt the volume, seek, enjoy the equalizer, inform yourself about the artist,...

The turntable

For those of you who loved to see your vinyls spinning on your turntable, we reproduced with fidelity this old school way to enjoy music.


That's where the sound comes from. No kidding! We managed to make it move in sync with your iPod, radio recordings and web radio sound.


Where you will find your CD collection and a variety of high quality web radios. You will now also find your new tape collection.

and the REMOTE

Put your iPad on a docking station, launch The BeatBlaster and sit back on your couch. From there, use the "BeatBlaster Remote" to play music, go to the previous or the next song, change from radio to iPod mode or adapt the volume. "BeatBlaster Remote" is available for free on the App Store for your iPhone or your iPod Touch.* The Remote uses a Bluetooth connection to control The BeatBlaster on your iPad.

Features list

  • Listen to your whole iPod library
  • Enjoy an old school turntable
  • Listen to more than 5000 free online radios or create your own one on radionomy.com
  • Audio Spectrum and Speaker
  • You can now record your favourite radio on tape
  • Skin your BeatBlaster to match your style
  • Alarm clock and timer
  • Now playing playlists
  • Random play
  • Repeat mode
  • Discover new music thanks to our Genius Popover
  • Background support (iPod and Web radio)
  • Search through your iPod library by song, artist, album or playlist
  • Put a web radio in the "favorite" section to launch it faster
  • AirPlay support
  • iTunes Match support
  • Search your iPod library by song, artist or album